Stage Completions is a private oilfield service company specializing in the development and utilization of completions technologies to enhance production for its clients. Stage has striven to remain attuned to the often rapid changes and adaptations to completions techniques in the oil and gas industry. In order to realize superior capital efficiencies and higher overall productivity and EURs, E&Ps are increasing their stimulated rock volumes. Stage Completions’ products allow its customers to increase the speed of completions along with the tonnage of proppant to get more out of each well in fewer days.

The average number of fracture stages in the Montney went from 10 in 2010 to 26 in 2016 before jumping to upwards of 100 stages this year, according to Stage. Fluid volumes and proppant tonnages are increasing at a similar pace, going from 2,500 cubic meters of fluid and 750 tons of proppant in 2010 to over 30,000 cubic meters of fluid and 5,000 tons of proppant in 2017.

In the attempt to meet the growing needs of industry in the realm of completions and to pioneer solutions that are more effective than current technologies like plug and perf, sliding sleeve with coil tubing, or ball drop technologies, Stage has developed its own product line. The company has designed the SC Bowhead, the SC Bowhead II, and the cemented ball drop technologies for the benefit of its E&P customers.

Stage Continues Improving Completions Design

Source: Stage Completions

SC Bowhead and SC Bowhead II

The SC Bowhead fracturing system is a wireline deployed baffle isolation system that can be used for both open and cased holes. The baffle device is designed to leave sufficient free space in the wellbore to allow tools to move past it, once set. In order to isolate fracture zones, a dissolvable ball is dropped to the baffle.

The SC Bowhead II fracturing system is a collet-activated fracturing sleeve for use in both cased-hole and open-hole environments. The collets can be removed at any point in time. The design also utilizes a dissolvable ball to isolate fracturing zones like the Bowhead line.

Stage Continues Improving Completions Design

Source: Stage Completions

Stage Completions Inc. is presenting at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference® 22

Stage will be a presenting company at the upcoming EnerCom conference in Denver, Colorado—The Oil & Gas Conference® 22.

The conference is EnerCom’s 22nd Denver-based oil and gas focused investor conference, bringing together publicly traded E&Ps and oilfield service and technology companies with institutional investors.  The conference will be at the Denver Downtown Westin Hotel, August 13-17, 2017. To register for The Oil & Gas Conference® 22 please visit the conference website.

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