October 17, 2017 - 8:40 AM EDT
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Steve Green Problem Solver Is Happy That NASA Acknowledges His Geothermal Idea

Green's energy program was introduced nine years ago

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio, Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 11th, 2008 Steve Green challenged President Obama to take action to do the identical energy producing program NASA recently announced that is being considered using Yellowstone National Park's caldera.

By tapping into the existing 10,000 geothermal pockets within the 1,580 square-mile area, there is potential to generate enough electricity to power most of America and reduce the U.S. carbon footprint by at least 85 percent within 10 years.

Green is happy that NASA has recognized his Yellowstone idea. He would welcome speaking with the Trump White House about the intricacies of the project and would like to work with the scientist and economists about how to create 5 million well paying jobs as well as the complete economical and environmental advantages that his Yellowstone geothermal project could bring.

When Green first read NASA's plan he had concerns about drilling which could lead to destabilization of the ground. "We would be better off using existing natural holes to start immediate cooling and generate electricity; this will allow us the proper time to study its long-term effects."

Green's strategy was to walk into a tornado to draw attention to his energy project. "A project of this kind is that important to the citizens of the world. I was willing to risk severe injury or death to make this project known." Green is known as the first person to intentionally drive into a tornado to do weather research. He thanks NASA for recognizing the importance of his project and possibly saving his life.

Now, nine years later, NASA is recognizing Green's idea of using energy sources available in Yellowstone–– a project he has worked on for years prior to his presenting it worldwide in 2008 and catching the attention of Skuli Johannsson of Kaldara Green Energy in Iceland. In an email, Johannsson stated that he began to think about the possibilities in geothermal Yellowstone back in 2007 stating, "In the beginning was only a hypothetical case, used for geothermal discussion purposes and for internal use only." Johannsson and Green have spoken on a number of occasions throughout the years.

Green has been working on his three-phase program for more than 20 years and would like to see the project come to fruition quickly and safely, for the purposes of reducing the carbon emissions footprint and providing electricity for the entire country.

At the time of releasing his proposed project in November 2008, Green spoke with NASA Scientists. "We should take the energy now. Sell China our black shinny coal so they stop burning brown coal that produces 10 times more carbon emissions. By using what is available now, at the surface, with minimal changes, we can move in the right direction quicker and safer."

Green would like to be involved with the scientists and those who may work on this project. "I would like a seat at the table, with 20 years of work and planning on this project, I'm ready to share and help implement it now." Smiling, he said "I have been 'Green' my whole life–– nobody has done more work and planning on this."

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