Suez Canal Authority wants to increase LNG carrier transits

From The Maritime Standard

A new amendment increasing the rebate offered on normal Suez Canal transit tolls for LNG vessels came into effect for a period of one year from 1st October, reports global ship agency, GAC.

LNG Tankers, whether laden or ballast, operating between the US Gulf and Singapore, and ports to the east, will in future be granted a rebate of 65% from normal Suez Canal tolls.

Those existing LNG carrier discounts that are already in place remain unaffected the Suez Canal Authority has confirmed. This includes a 30% reduction in normal dues for LNG tankers operating between the Arabian Gulf and west of India up to the port of Kochi, and a 40% reduction for LNG tankers operating east of the port of Kochi up to port of Singapore.

Any company wishing to benefit from these reductions must submit a request before transit through its shipping agency, GAC points out. The ship must also not call at any port in between port of origin and port of destination for commercial purposes.

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