May 22, 2018 - 9:00 AM EDT
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SWIM.AI Introduces Smart City and IoT Software Solutions Combining Edge Computing and Machine Learning

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Availability of SWIM EDX™ on Itron equipment provides users with a powerful combination of real-time edge analytics, predictive machine learning and edge computing

SWIM.AI, an edge intelligence software firm, today announced a set of smart city and IoT solutions powered by SWIM’s EDX™ software that combine real-time edge analytics, predictive machine learning and edge computing. SWIM’s EDX software platform is now ready for third party development on the Itron IoT Edge Router, enabling new advanced smart city, smart utility and IoT applications. Itron, which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, has more than 200 million intelligent devices deployed, including meters and IoT networking technology.

As an increasingly wide array of devices operate at the ‘edge’ of the network, the volumes of information that need to be rapidly analyzed and acted upon is expanding exponentially. Recent analyst predictions forecast there will be over 20 billion edge devices by 2020 producing over 54 exabytes of data. Today, only a small subset of edge data is used – and is normally sent to central data-lakes or clouds for traditional ‘big-data’ analysis – making real-time applications and decision-making challenging.

Analyzing Streaming Data at the Edge

SWIM EDX software runs on existing edge devices, forming a powerful edge compute ‘mesh’ that enables local data ingestion, data reduction, data analytics and machine-learning on streaming edge data. SWIM EDX software also uses machine learning to produce “digital twin” models that self-train from real-time data to represent real-world objects and predict future behavior. EDX software is extremely lightweight and able to run on existing edge equipment.

“Our customers are increasingly looking for better ways to manage and act on edge data,” said Don Reeves, vice president of development and technology at Itron. “SWIM EDX software on Itron’s IoT Edge Router enables real-time data reduction, analytics and prediction that powers the next generation of smart city, smart utility and IoT applications. This integration is a great example of Itron’s IoT Edge Router Development Kit at work.”

SWIM EDX software provides solutions tailored for a number of verticals, and now adding solutions for:

  • Smart Cities and IoT – SWIM EDX for Smart Cities integrates easily with existing urban infrastructure to gather and interpret local data. SWIM can combine city, traffic, vehicle, pedestrian, parking and sensor data to power rich, real-time smart city experiences and applications. SWIM also allows cities to offer open data APIs to third parties and helps to simply create applications for city or consumer use.
  • Smart Grids, Utility, Oil and Gas – SWIM EDX helps optimize large-scale urban/commercial energy, oil and gas operations and utilities through smarter edge data, operations, grids and consumption. SWIM runs locally analyzing data from sensors, meters, energy distribution, upstream/downstream equipment, utility assets – highlighting critical info and predicting future behavior – simplifying operations, services and app development. The distributed learning efficiently and dynamically optimizes energy production/use using local assets, physical and network topology, power goals and user experience metrics.

“Since introducing SWIM EDX to the market in early April, we’ve worked with a number of innovative companies such as Itron to address the needs of a variety of industries to analyze, reduce and learn from data at the edge,” said Rusty Cumpston, co-founder and CEO of SWIM.AI. “Smart cities, smart utilities and IoT applications are a great fit for our EDX software, with a wide range of use cases.”

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SWIM.AI delivers powerful business and operational insights for customers with its SWIM EDX 'Edge Intelligence' software. SWIM.AI enables businesses to reduce, analyze, learn and predict from ‘gray’ edge data on the fly, on existing edge devices. SWIM EDX combines edge computing, machine learning and self-training ‘digital twins’, all running locally on existing edge devices working in a mesh/fabric architecture. SWIM.AI provides solutions for OEMs, service providers, enterprises, cities and IoT vendors. Founded in 2015, SWIM.AI is based in Silicon Valley and led by a team of experienced serial entrepreneurs to usher in the next generation of intelligent edge applications. For additional information, please visit

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