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Edge of the Wattenberg: Colorado: Weld County Just Created its Own Oil & Gas Department

CU Denver Business School Study Itemizes $ Billions in Paychecks, Funds for Colorado Schools and Services from Oil and Gas Drilling and Production

$13.5 billion in GDP, $1 billion of public revenue supporting schools, social assistance programs, parks and water infrastructure are in question A new study from the University of Colorado Denver Business School’s Graduate Energy Management program itemizes the significant economic impact from Colorado’s oil and gas upstream and midstream subsectors, calling oil and gas “a critically important spoke in the wheel of the state’s diverse economy.” The study uses U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data from 2017, which is the most current and complete year on record. It was paid for by the Colorado Oil & Gas Association. The dollars injected into economy by oil & gas As of 2017, the upstream and midstream subsectors alone were resp… Login or click here to subscribe Username or E-mail Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

Colorado Energy Overhaul Bill Moves to Second House Committee

Colorado Energy Overhaul Bill Moves to Second House Committee

The Colorado Legislative Council sent out a Tweet just after midnight on March 19 announcing that the House Committee on Energy & Environment has referred Senate Bill 19-181, Protect Public Welfare Oil & Gas Operations, to the Committee on Finance. The motion passed in the committee on a vote of 7 For – 4 Against. Froelich Yes Geitner No Kipp Yes Landgraf No Liston No Saine No Sirota Yes Valdez A. Yes Weissman Yes Hooton Yes Jackson Yes The bill introduces seachanges to the stated mission of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and introduces many new criteria before the commission can issue permits to drill, including opening the door fully to local governments issuing their own oil and gas location criteria and giving thumbs up or down to drilling permits in their jurisdictions. Read the energy bill, SB 19-181 as amended, here. Read the Revised Fiscal Note here.