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Round 3.1 Overview Map

16 Contracts Awarded to 12 Bidders in Mexico’s Shallow Water Auction Round 3.1

Results of Mexico’s Shallow Water Auction – Round 3.1

18 bidders participated in the event

16 contracts were tendered to 12 bidders

On Tuesday, the opening of bids and awarding of exploration and hydrocarbons production contracts for the First Tender …

John Hofmeister at EnerCom's The Oil & Gas Conference 21

The Saudis will Chase ‘Market Share’ until Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia Run out of Money: an Exclusive Interview with John Hofmeister

Hofmeister: The Issue of Low Oil Price has Nothing to Do with Shale

John Hofmeister, the outspoken former president of Shell Oil Company and current chairman of Erin Energy, talked to Oil & Gas 360®’s Angie Austin about the …