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Black Stone Minerals Continues to Expand its Distribution by 9%

Black Stone Minerals Continues to Expand its Distribution by 9%

Black Stone Minerals is on track to maintain 9% CAGR for its common units Increasing distribution to stockholders and unitholders has become difficult over the course of the downcycle. Low commodity prices stymied growth, reducing cash flow for companies and stressing company balance sheets. Despite that, some companies, like Black Stone Minerals (ticker: BSM) have been able to continue to grow the payout to their common shareholders thanks to their unique structure. Black Stone holds the mineral and royalty interests on approximately 17 million gross acres. The company does not pay for drilling new wells, but it benefits from the production coming out of the ground throughout the U.S. through its mineral and royalty stakes. “An important goal for us is to increase the distribution that we pay to our common unitholders,” Black Stone Minerals Vice President of Investor Relations Brent Collins told Oil & Gas 360®. “We are scheduled[Read More…]

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Black Stone Minerals – Day One Breakout Notes

Thomas L. Carter, Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Black Stone Minerals L.P. (NYSE: BSM), presented today at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference® 20. Black Stone Minerals is one of the largest owners of oil and natural gas mineral interests in the United States.   The company’s interests include approximately 16.7 million gross acres in 41 states and throughout every major producing basin. In its Q2 press release, the company reported average production of 29.4 MBOEPD, 1% higher sequentially and 11% higher from the same quarter last year. Revenues for the quarter totaled $64.8 million. The company’s quarterly distribution coverage ratio was 1.3x, with cash generated from operations available for distribution of $66.4 million. During the company’s breakout session, management was asked the following questions: Can you talk a little bit about your acquisition strategy, and also talk about your peer group? Who’s your biggest competitor for asset[Read More…]

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