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IEA World Oil Demand (mb/d = Millions of Barrels per Day), Feb. 2018

World Hungers for Oil: IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released a new Oil Market Report (OMR) today.

In its OMR, the IEA said countries across the globe have been steadily consuming more and more oil over the past few years.

The IEA said that …

What’s Next for the Economies of China and India?

What’s Next for the Economies of China and India?

Since 1990, China and India have accounted for 57% of the total increase in world energy consumption

Earlier this week the EIA put out data that revealed that the world’s developing countries used higher amounts of electricity than OECD countries. …


OECD Member Countries Use Less Electricity: Here’s Why

GDP growth rates historically have been tied to electricity usage due to population growth and the need to generate more goods and services to serve the growing populations, but traditional metrics are changing.

This relationship between energy usage and economic …

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