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By Tyler Losier, Energy Reporter, Oil & Gas 360

Third and final appraisal well drilled, FID expected by 2020
Talos Energy Inc. (stock ticker: TALO), an independent E&P headquartered in Houston, has completed its Zama appraisal program in Block 7 of Mexico’s offshore Sureste Basin.

Block 7 is owned by a consortium of companies, including Sierra Oil & Gas, Wintershall DEA and Premier Oil, with Talos serving as the operator.

The appraisal process began with Zama-1, the original discovery well, after which the consortium drilled three other appraisal penetrations – Zama-2, Zama-2 STI 1, and Zama-3 – to help better define the resource potential of the location.

Source: Premier Oil

Zama-3, the most recent well, was...

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