Rotations happening among the major indices as Dow Jones (composite of the top 30 capitalized companies) gains over 1% while other indices drop, with large losses in NQ, down over .5%

  • S&P 500: -0.07%
  • Nasdaq: -1.7%
  • Dow Jones: 4.5%

Amazon shares were down 2.9% after falling 5% on Monday. Zoom Video dropped 5.2%, adding to its 17% decline from Monday. Alphabet and Microsoft lost 0.9% and 3%, respectively.

Names that would benefit from an economic recovery rose on Tuesday. Chevron and Exxon Mobil were up 2.6% and 1.5%, respectively. Boeing traded 6.6% higher.

Oil and Gas News Today

Energy prices continue to rise amid both a COVID-19 vaccine and a hope that a more stringent oil and gas regulation environment could lead to inflated oil prices.  Crude oil prices currently trading around $41.21. Natural gas prices rise amid some expected shut ins from Hurricane ETA, with natural gas prices up 3.5% to $2.958

North American Shale News


  • Phantom buyers in Russia..
  • BP and Orsted create renewable pack
  • North Sea major files for CO2 storing project

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