Tech stocks lead the way today as investor buy back shares of larger tech companies dragged down by the recent news of a coming vaccine.  Apple gained 3%. Netflix climbed 1.1%. Facebook and Amazon rose 1.1% and 3%, respectively. Alphabet traded 0.8% higher and Microsoft was up by 2.9%

  • S&P 500: 0.9%
  • Nasdaq: 2.19%
  • Dow Jones: 0.1%

The energy sector up 15% over the past few trading session off the back of improved demand and earnings coming in less worse than expected sector wide

Oil and Gas News Today

Crude oil prices rise of a 8.2 million bbl draw in US stocks, with prices touching $43.06 at session highs, settling around $41.68. Natural gas prices are up as well after a preidicted 5 bcf injection and cooler temps help lift natural gas prices up, with natural gas pries current just north of $3

North American Shale News

  • Crude Oil Inventories….8.2 mm bbl DRAW
  • EQT thinks value creation comes from M&A…


  • China gets into coke coal in AUS?
  • US/China trade talks as they impact energy
  • COP with large gas field of the shores of Norway
  • OPEC expects crubed 2021 demand…

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