Episode #10. The 360 Digital Bell Look Back Report. Michael Tanner, the Host of the closing bell, covers what happen for during this week; the good the bad and the homely. We cover the article by David Forsberg on the historic plunge in oil.

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Some of the key takeaways this week:

  • Michael has gone live on our 360 Digital Closing Bell - Next week we will be going live on all of our platforms.
  • Tomcat had a good week
  • Michael talks about the Haynes and Boon Energy Tracker
  • Stu - Rants about closing down a nuclear reactor in the middle of a crisis. 

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Key articles listed below video

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Key articles/Show Notes 

Episode 10 is quite possibly the duo's best!! Michael and Stu cover everything you need to know for the week in energy. Michael starts off by talking negative prices and what it means for each player in the the oil business. Then the gang covers the stories you need to know about for the week 

Contact the show: [email protected] / 303-907-6825 Charts: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/wWi...

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Haynes and Boone Replay: Weekly Energy Tracker Call 4-21-2020

Indian Point (Nuclear Plant) closure during pandemic is wrong, says climate group

Oklahoma will let struggling oil producers halt output without breaking contracts

Why COVID-19 could boost ESG

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