The 360 Digital Bell Look Back Report. Michael Tanner, the Host of the closing bell, covers what happen for during this week; the good the bad and the homely. We did good on some of our predictions

Some of the key takeaways this week:

  • We have covers Liberty Oilfield Services. They have excellent management, and are practicing excellent ESG policies and procedures, even before investors started           looking at ESG numbers. LBRT (NYSE) - Updated article confirming great management we posted last night.
  • Trump changes the market with his tweet on Friday about the Russia Saudi price war.
  • Trump give hints to the tweet the night before on the Covid-19  nightly briefing. 
  • Additional oil storage in the works at The Port of Corpus Christi 
  • Michael covers Cimerex  with financial numbers and business drilling plays.

Thanks for watching!

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