The 360 Digital Bell Week Ahead Report. Michael Tanner, the Host of the closing bell, covers what to look for during this week; the good the bad and the homely.

Some of the key takeaways this week:

The oil companies in the United States are National Security concern and need to be helped.

Government intervention is not always the best, but in this case protecting our oil companies is required.

Get involved with your legislators, let them know what we are facing in the energy market.

Pioneer Resources CEO calls out the major oil companies on CNBC's Fast Money.

It is about the majors delaying so they can push out the small and medium cap out of business.

Crude Oil Levels - Neutral from the EIA Reports - but it will keep getting bigger.

Now that there will be additional time restrictions until April 30, there will be continued reduction in demand.

We cover Liberty Oilfield Services. They have excellent management, and are practicing excellent ESG policies and procedures, even before investors started looking at ESG numbers. LBRT (NYSE)

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Our show shout out: All of the state and local first responders taking care of the COVID-19 patients.

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