The gang is back for a WILD SHOW. Show starts by covering some random topics:

(1) Green Renewable are not so green (or renewable) according to a new Michael Moore Doc

(2) Hydrogen could be the next energy for front

(3) Sad Day Trading Story Michael slips in a rant about Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) handing out $25 million dollars in compensation restructuring for the top 21 employees because "The Board and Compensation Committee, with the advice of their independent compensation consultant and legal advisors, determined that the historic compensation structure and performance metrics would not be effective in motivating and incentivizing the Company’s workforce." YIKES 

We then shift gears and cover some stories to watch out for in the week coming in oil and gas, check the levels for crude oil, look @ the COT and finally our official non-official 360 fund looks GREEN for the week. Thank you to our sponsor Adamantine Energy: Email the show: [email protected] / 303-907-6825

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