VERY SPECIAL Mega Memorial Day 360 Digital Closing Bell episode #19 back for another week ahead in energy!

Show starts with Michael Tanner talking about what ESG might look like post-COVID19 as it relates to the markets (hint: slight history lesson). They both agree that going forward (whether we enjoy it or not) ESG is here to stay.

The show then shifts into covering a few stories missed last week (royalty cuts in Bakken, PE funds consolidate), Stuart Turley covers the Iranian gasoline en route to VZ in the International News Desk and as always check in on the levels/COT for oil! Michael also adds a CL contract on the short side the 360 official non-official fund.

Show then calls up Steven Barrow, PE to chat about what happened to all these storage concerns, and Nick J. Berry and Michael finish by talking about all this hedge fund selling around $30 level.

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