Friday chop led to all major indices on the equities market to slump leading into the weekend. he Dow Jones slid 370 points, or more than 1%. The S&P 500 dropped 1.7% and the Nasdaq fell 2.2%. 

Crude oil prices stay steady at $41 as rig counts jump one total rig to 255 for US running’s rigs while natural gas jumps up 1% as the market takes into account a demand shift that could help bring natural gas within its normal levels for this season  

 US Shale News 

RIG COUNTS: 255 total US Rigs, Permian down 1 

Oasis Petroleum misses interest payment 

Riverstone goes clean tech SPAC 


Russia get massive lending 9.5 billion for LNG drilling 

Maersk Drilling sets 50% CO2 reduction  

Blackrock double downs on ESG 

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