The 360 Digital Bell Week Lookback Report. Michael Tanner, the Host of the closing bell, Covers what happened during this week; the good the bad and the homely. 

Some of the key takeaways this week: 

  • 10 Million reduction in demand 
  • Crude Oil Levels - Neutral from the EIA Reports - but it will keep getting bigger.
  • We cover Silver Bow Resources. They have excellent numbers, low dept, hedged properly and excellent management.   SBOW            (NYSE)

Thanks for watching! 

Our show shout out: Anthony McDaniels, Rare Petro. An in an interview this week he goes through his through process on starting his own company after facing a layoff. His insights to management and business that he learned along the way are book worthy. We had a great interview and will be posting it out soon.

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