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EnerCom Dallas 2020 Preview-REGISTRATION STILL OPEN

The Latest Energy Innovations and Best Oil and Gas Stories

It’s less than a week until the EnerCom Dallas The Energy Investment Conference on February 11-12, 2020- and this year’s conference will not disappoint.

The Latest Energy Innovations and Best Oil and Gas Stories- oil and gas 360

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New this year at the Dallas conference is the Energy Innovation Capital Accelerator Session.

Scheduled for Tuesday, February 11th at 3:35pm CT, the session will highlight management presentations from innovative, high-growth companies offering the latest in energy technology and seeking capital investment.

Don’t miss hearing the stories of these Capital Accelerator Session presenting companies:

Sparq Natural Gas (Renewable Natural Gas)

Sparq Natural Gas, LLC was founded in September 2013 by alumni of Chesapeake Energy’s industry-leading Market Development group. As the transportation markets leaders, they spearheaded partnerships across the natural gas transportation value chain. Sparq is actively developing a pipeline of RINS-qualifying Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) agricultural, waste treatment and landfill projects across the country that support regional and national sustainability goals.  RNG projects provide an opportunity to offset carbon footprints with an energy that is compatible with existing geologic gas distribution systems and markets.    

Ajax Analytics (Environmental Air Monitoring)

Ajax Analytics is an environmental software company of unbiased scientists providing air quality monitoring, including methane and VOC.  Ajax’s provides a complete solution suite of hardware, sensors, monitoring, analysis and reporting. An experienced service provider in Colorado, Ajax has been providing impactful environmental information to enable better conversations around complex environmental challenges with dense air monitoring networks, advanced analytics, understandable benchmarking and optional public facing presentations.

Carnot Compression (Sustainable Gas Compression)

Carnot Compression’s technology fundamentally transforms compression by reducing the carbon footprint of industrial, commercial and residential compression with a technology that is scalable to a broad range of pressure and flows and applications for air, natural gas, industrial gases, and refrigerants.

Ubiterra (Real-Time, 3D Geosteering Software)

Stay in the Pay with Ubiterra’s ZoneVu cloud-based software for horizontal drilling.  Connecting seamlessly to the rig during drilling, ZoneVu offers real-time data for better field interpretations and decisions through the fully-integrated, real-time 3D view of the subsurface for live geosteering while drilling.  Geosteering, geology and data management all upload automatically to a single cloud-based secure storehouse with remote back-up.

Esal – (Engineered Salinity/ Water Engineering)

Extract an additional 5-15% more of the original oil in place (OOIP) from your field.  ESal has developed a revolutionary method to change reservoir wettability by altering the salinity of injected water. This unique method can be applied in all three phases of oil field production at much lower costs than all other currently available techniques and without using chemicals. Esal significantly increase production on new shale wells or existing fields.

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ (Remediation & EOR Treatment Programs)

Locus Bio-Energy is an oil innovation company bringing award-winning green solutions to the industry with proven results. Using patented production technology, the company developed the first environmentally-friendly, customized biosurfactant treatments that outperform traditional solutions in safely improving oil production and reducing the need for new drilling. Each cost-effective treatment is customized to individual wells for maximum performance, requires little to no shut-in and offers benefits previously only achievable by combining multiple solutions.

There will be a cocktail reception, sponsored by Haynes & Boone, immediately following the Energy Innovation Capital Accelerator Session so you can meet with the presenters.  Session presenting companies are also available for private 1×1 meetings during the conference.

Presentation You Won’t Want to Miss

In addition to the presentations from traditional oil and gas companies like DistributionNOW, Comstock Resources, Goodrich Petroleum, Northern Oil and Gas and Lonestar Resources, EnergyFunders.com, an oil and gas FinTech company, will be presenting on Tuesday, February 11th at 3:10pm.

EnergyFunders.com is an accredited investor FinTech website that offers a diverse selection of highly vetted U.S.-based oil and gas investments through an easy-to-use online platform. EnergyFunders is available for 1×1 meetings and will be unveiling a menu of new oil and gas investment product geared toward high-net-worth, family office and hedge fund investors.

The conference will also include in-depth panel discussions on ESG, Energy Capital Markets and Midstream Services.  There will also be insightful presentations by East Daley Capital, the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG) and by frequent Fox News guest Daniel Turner with Power the Future.

Don’t miss out. You can still register for EnerCom Dallas at https://www.enercomdallas.com.

We hope to see you there.

About the Author – Dan Genovese is a Director at the energy consulting firm EnerCom, Inc. with experience in corporate strategy, investor relations, ESG, government relations and policy.  Mr. Genovese has worked in capital markets and has experience in upstream production and downstream energy demand.  Contact: [email protected]

EnerCom, Inc. is the energy industry’s leading communication experts.  We can help you with corporate strategy, ESG, media and government and stakeholder relations to effectively communicate your company’s story.  Contact: [email protected]

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