TransWorld Technologies presents at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference®

During TransWorld Technology’s breakout session, management was asked the following questions:

  • Does the temperature affect the microrobes?
  • Are shallower depths a good fit with this technology?
  • Is there a magic number on production per well that this works with financially?
  • How is the solution implemented?
  • Could you inject into multiple spots at once?
  • Can it work with oil and water rich rock?
  • What kind of effect do you see on oil gravity?
  • Is there anything special that has to be done for remediation?
  • Might this be most effective in a paraffinic field?
  • What is the magnitude of the increase of production from your product?
  • Have you seen a decrease in your water injectivity?

You can listen to TransWorld’s presentation by clicking here.

Transworld Technologies Inc. provides BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery solutions to mature oil and gas fields. The technology is designed to increase recovery factors, accelerate production, and extend the economic life of declining oil and biogenic gas reservoirs, while strengthening the long-term value of mature assets.

The company’s patented and proprietary bioscience works in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. By leveraging existing infrastructure to deploy the technology, no additional capital costs are incurred.

Over a decade of research and development has gone into the BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery solutions to increase oil and gas recovery by activating native microbes within oil and gas reservoirs. Microorganisms live in hostile conditions and TransWorld’s Activ8 and ReActiv8 treatments provide nutrients that activate natural biogenic processes.   The result is increased oil and gas production from the reservoirs.

Activ8 is designed to be deployed in waterflood or water drive oil fields while ReActiv8 is designed to be deployed in biogenic gas fields.

Activ8 and ReActiv8 are introduced into the reservoir through TransWorld’s injection skid; which connects directly into existing field production infrastructure. The operational impact is minimal and no additional equipment or capital investment required.

In oil reservoirs, Activ8 stimulates native microbes. The stimulated microbes increase their natural process of creating methane gas. This enables water flow diversion in unswept areas of the reservoir creating additional production of oil.

In biogenic gas reservoirs, ReActiv8 stimulates native microbes. The stimulated microbes accelerate their biogenic processes to generate new methane gas.

The benefit of both Activ8 and ReActiv8 is a sustained production recovery extending reservoir life and increasing revenue.

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