Preliminary data shows U.S. exported 211 MBPD last week
The U.S. has achieved a major milestone in the unconventional revolution, becoming a net exporter of crude oil and refined products last week.

Based on preliminary data from the EIA, the U.S. exported a net 211 MBPD last week driven by all-time high exports of crude oil. In total, the country imported 8,838 MBPD of crude and products, while exporting 9,049 MBPD.

Source: EnerCom Analytics
Crude oil export shipments surge past all volume records
The U.S. shipped 3.2 MMBOPD of oil overseas last week, the largest volume ever. Crude oil exports have become a major factor in U.S. energy in a very short time. For example, last week’s exports represent 136% year-over-year growth as th...

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