July 23, 2018 - 10:31 PM EDT
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Unisun Energy Group Chairwoman He Yisha receives "Best Youth Model" award for 2018 at China Finance Summit

SHANGHAI, July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The entrepreneurial leader was named the "Best Youth Model" for 2018 at the 7th China Finance Summit held from July 19-20. The group won this year's "Best Business Model" Award.  

The China Finance Summit is one of the most influential business events in China. Organizers of the summit recognized Unisun Energy Group Chairwoman He Yisha's commitment to the development of the alternative, renewable and sustainable energy sectors (generally referred to in China as the "new energy sector"). Unisun Energy, the firm that she founded, is currently the largest distributed energy strategic investor in China and global leader in providing integrated clean energy solutions. The firm has received a strategic investment from international energy giant ENGIE Group. Her achievements in the new energy field are well known across the sector, including the build out of Shanghai's first industrial and commercial roofs, distributed PV - ShanghaiMart, the collaboration with Wanbang Logistics City to create the largest rooftop distributed photovoltaic project in China, standing out from many competitors to be selected as Unilever's Clean Energy partner in China. Ms. He also partnered with Hangzhou-based food giant Wahaha Group, a group with whom she had worked with previously, to jointly build China's largest photovoltaic project group as well as China's largest power transformation system project.

The organizers pointed out in their laudatory comments that, as an entrepreneur, rather than only pursuing profits, Ms. He prefers to use technological innovation to change the way companies think about how they use energy, to promote the use of "green" energy, to improve the natural environment, and to drive the establishment of a low carbon society, characterized by energy conservation and reductions in emissions, with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on society and enabling more people to enjoy clean energy' benefits. Ms. He is a recognized leader among the youth demographic in modern society.

Previously, due to the outstanding contributions from Unisun Energy that helped drive the global clean energy process and the transformation in how energy is used by leading multinational firms, Ms. He was honored with the coveted "The Social Eco Game Changer Award", one of the Women Eco Game Changer Awards at the Global Green Economic Forum, becoming the first Asian female entrepreneur to win the accolade. As the sole representative from China's industrial sector, she accepted an invitation from former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore to take part in the broadcast event "24 Hours of Reality: Be The Voice of Reality", a public service undertaking which is part of the former vice president's The Climate Reality Project initiative.

With the slowdown in the growth of the Chinese economy and the increasing competition in the distributed energy market, Unisun Energy, under Ms. He's leadership, has taken steps proactively to adapt to the new business environment, creating innovative business and customer service models to better take advantage of new market opportunities. The new approach includes taking distributed power stations as the investment focus, establishing the country's largest distributed smart energy management cloud platform to drive the optimization of energy systems operations; stimulating expansion into overseas markets, especially emerging markets; and increasing holdings in power stations by taking advantage of some new opportunities presented by China's policy reform, most notably the national electricity reform. All signs point to the firm having entered the electricity transmission and distribution business at the most propitious time.

He Yisha, a female entrepreneur, has been focusing on promoting and encouraging women to not hesitate to follow their dreams and get what they rightfully deserve as they embark on and progress their careers. Recently, Women in Renewables Asia, an alliance initiated by Ms. He and 13 outstanding women in the new energy sector, was formally established, forming a women's self-help development platform to drive gender diversity across the alternative and renewable sector, while creating greater value and encouraging social innovation by diversifying the sector's industrial development. 

Unisun Energy has, since 2016, been increasing investments in the distributed power sector. The group has already installed, in the aggregate, 800 MW of distributed rooftop solar PV systems, developed facilities delivering 100 MW in Japan, established a 15 MW ground distributed PV power station in India's Telangana Sate, and implemented PV facilities in Romania, the Netherlands and Australia. The group has helped drive the energy transformation of dozens of leading companies worldwide including Wahaha, Taiwan-based international food conglomerate Uni-President and Unilever. During the first half of the year, the group collaborated with several of China's top firms, among them automobile maker BYD, snack food chain operator Laiyifen, packaged foods producer Tenwow and Wahaha, to provide them with green energy solutions.

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