From The Denver Business Journal:

The money being raised for a fight over ballot issues aimed at oil and gas operations in Colorado continues to rise.

Reports filed Monday with Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams’ office detail financial activity for the first two weeks of May.

The group called Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking that is pushing for three ballot measures — including a proposal that could trump the recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling overturning local bans on fracking as illegal — reported raising an additional $5,067.

Most of the money raised in early May came from the group’s spokeswoman,Patricia Olsen. She donated $4,000 in early May, bringing her total contributions to the effort to $55,242.

Through mid-May, Yes for Health and Safety over Fracking reported raising a total of $56,487, according to the reports.

On the other side — the oil and gas-backed group Protecting Colorado’s Environment, Economy and Energy Independence — reported a $25,000 contribution from Colorado Concern, one of Colorado’s most influential business organizations.

That’s on top of the $6.3 million the pro-industry group reported raising during the first four months of the year.

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