Wilks Brothers, LLC (the “Offeror“) announced that it has acquired ownership of an aggregate of 3,034,000 additional common shares (the “Common Shares“) in the capital of Trican Well Service Ltd. (the “issuer“) on the Toronto Stock Exchange. As a result of the acquisition of the additional Common Shares, the Offeror now owns and exercises control over an aggregate of 20,681,227 Common Shares, representing approximately 13.89% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares of the issuer.

The Offeror’s acquisitions were made in the ordinary course of business and were made for investment purposes. The Offeror has not made any determinations with respect to its role in the future of the issuer and its business or with respect to future acquisitions of, ownership of, or control over, any additional securities of the issuer. The Offeror may in the future acquire additional securities of the issuer in the market or through private or other transactions, sell all or some portion of the securities of the issuer it controls or owns, or enter into derivative or other transactions with respect to its securities of the issuer.

Legal Notice