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Energy Advisors Group has been retained to assist a private company in upstate New York with real estate holdings and oil and gas to assist them in developing their properties in North Dakota as described herein:

Ultimate Desire Is To Find Partner To Drill 2 Vertical Wells and 2 Horizontal Wells
Prospect Generator Is Perfectly Willing To Retain The Current PDP.

Additional Description & Highlights:
6,000 Gross Acres. 5-PUD Locations; 4-Current PDP Wells
MULTIPAY. 7 Structures. 5-Already Productive
25-30 Square Miles of 3-D Seismic (2006)
Acreage Offset By Cobra, Prima, Sinclair Oil, Continental, Peregrine;
OPERATED or NonOperated WI FOR SALE. High NRI 78-80% NRI
Current PDP Production: 40-50 BOPD
Some Horizontal Recompletions; Also Unconventional Drilling Applicable
Most of the Current Wellbores Have 7 Inch Casing
Expected Initial Production: 200-250 BOPD
D&C Vertical Costs: $1,800,000-2,200,000/Location
PUD Net Reserves: ~1.1 MMbbl & 1.4 Bcf
PUD PV10: ~$8,627,000
BLM & State Leases. ½ Area Held By Production.
—–One Idea Capital Raise: Fund 100% WI Development To Earn 75%

The client, prospect generator and EAG has also engaged a technical firm, Craig Davis to assist in the geological and engineering presentation for this prospect.

EAG and our technical advisor, Craig Davis believe the quickest way to success is to find interested parties to develop the project on a conventional (vertical, Red River, Duperow and Madison) and unconventional basis (Bakken). EAG and our technical firm point out that the Bakken in this area is thicker than some offset operators are already finding success.

Williston Basin Project - Energy Advisors Group

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