“Whiting’s Wildcatters: Micro Scale, Macro Vision” – An Oil & Gas 360® Exclusive Video Report

It’s a tough market for the oil companies, but Whiting Petroleum Corporation (ticker: WLL) has figured something out.

While oil and gas companies across the planet are battling a commodities price environment in which a barrel of oil fetches 70% less than it did 18 months ago, Whiting has found and implemented a secret weapon that has changed the dynamic of how the largest Bakken-Three Forks producer is developing its assets.

The new knowledge that Whiting’s geoscientists are gaining from a large scale, high tech project in its core lab has allowed the company to continue to lower its costs and increase its production.

To see first-hand why Whiting Petroleum is an extraordinary company in energy, watch the Oil & Gas 360® special report “Whiting’s Wildcatters: Micro Scale, Macro Vision” – sponsored by FEI Company. In the 10-minute video report, you’ll go behind the scenes to see exactly how Whiting is using advanced imaging technology to guide the development of one of the most prolific oil plays in the United States.

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