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BOE Report: March 23, 2021

World Class Montney and Swan Hills Light Oil Development Drilling Opportunities

BOE Report: World class Montney and Swan Hills light oil development drilling opportunities- oil and gas 360

Razor Energy Corp. is initiating a process to explore strategic partnerships to drill two of its low-risk light oil assets in Alberta. Potential deal structure may include farm-in, joint venture, direct equity or debt investment into Razor or some other commercial transaction.


Per Well Highlights

Montney Swan Hills
Capex 4.0 2.5 million dollars (Cdn)
Payout 0.8 1.0 years
IRR >150% >120% percent
NPV10 $5.3 $4.5 million dollars (Cdn)
Locations 40+ 35+ initial estimate


Kaybob South Montney Sandstone Multi-stage Frac Horizontal Light Oil Play

 Razor owns and operates the Kaybob South Triassic Units No. 1 and 2 at essentially 100 percent working interest near Fox Creek, Alberta. We have identified a regionally productive Montney sandstone horizontal multi-stage frac light oil development drilling play on a portion of our lands located between the prolific oil-producing coquina facies of the two Units.

2021-04 Kaybob South Montney SS

Swan Hills Lower Reef Open-hole Unstimulated Horizontal Light Oil Play

Razor owns and operates the South Swan Hills Unit at 90.1% working interest in Swan Hills, Alberta. This field originally contained 1.1 billion barrels of oil in place with 700 million barrels remaining after producing 400 million barrels to date. We have identified an under-developed horizontal, open-hole (i.e. unstimulated) light oil development drilling play in the lower reef intervals across our lands.

2021-04 Razor South Swan Hills Unit- oil and gas 360

Our Kaybob South and South Swan Hills development drilling plans provide meaningful low risk horizontal light oil upside underpinned by existing wholly owned oil and gas gathering, infrastructure and processing.

Excellent economics are demonstrated in both plays from existing and offsetting well penetrations and results, log and core data. Remaining oil in place, reserves, production and cash flow from offsetting well development provide abundant quantitative data and ideal analogues for modeling purposes.

Kindly contact Frank Muller to arrange for technical presentation and/or further information:

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