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 February 2, 2016 - 5:18 PM EST
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Lots of Opportunities Abound in Nigeria At Present - Egoro

While many Nigerians are complaining about harsh economic realities, a motivational speaker, Vincent Egoro sees a lot of opportunities all around the country. These opportunities, he says, are for people who have eyes. In this interview with Ruth Tene Natsa, he counsels Nigerians to put their eyes down for these opportunities.

You seem to be on a mission to motivate Nigerians. Why this time?

I think there is no better time than now when our economy is down with the price of crude oil crashing and people are living in anxiety, anger and fear, we need to motivate and inspire the people to look inwards and try to come out with something other than depending on oil or on government or the same streams of income we have been having.

What you are doing, does it pay the bills?

This is not about the money, it goes beyond looking for money. I trained as an architect for some years and worked both in the private and public sectors, that is like every young person's dream right now. I had that but

found out that I wasn't happy and so many other people working in government circle were not happy and so I had to look at why people were not happy at their jobs but had to keep at it instead of looking for their true life purposes. I noticed people were victimising themselves because they were afraid of going out and leaving the salary, because they were addicted to the salary and there was the fear of starting all over, so I broke out of that and decided to start all over. I am not into this for the money, but a life calling to help people. I am satisfied when I can transfer the principles of success to others and help them get results.

What would you say is your achievement since you ventured into motivational speaking?

I have helped quite a lot of people, from speaking in churches, to workshops and even on my online business. A lot of our people actually live online as the social media has helped how we live life, so someone without food will still buy data to browse, so I try to look at the conversations, because I realised part of the results we have online are as a result of the conversations/information we have online and believe me more than 80 percent of the information available to our young people is not helping them, but rather tends to increase their negativity rather than building a more positive life. It is limiting them and planting self-limiting ideas and this is evident in their actions, and so I try to motivate them through my videos/audios online and I have had amazing results.

What do you see as the greatest challenge of the Nigerian youth?

The greatest challenge is the right information that will change our thinking, we need mindset transformation. Nigerians all over the world are known to be very hardworking, creative and intelligent, but unfortunately we are not tapping into that, our youths are wasting and waiting for government to give them jobs, unfortunately government cannot provide all the jobs. So many people are looking outside themselves for help, but Nigerian youth need the right information to change their thinking to begin to look inwards, knowing that inside you are all the resources you need for a better life which were deposited in you from your creation, but you need the right information, coaching and nurturing to rewrite your destiny. Some will argue that no matter the information, money to start off is more vital. That is the excuse people who are struggling give, giving out money is not the solution, I have seen government and well-meaning Nigerians give out money to empower youth, but often these programmes fail, because money is put into the hands of people whose minds have not been trained, as a result, such monies go into personal gratification and as such not used for what it was intended for. But if the mindset is trained, people will use their minds to make millions. Right now people are making millions on line, because they realise with just their minds they can sit anywhere with their phones and sell their ideas and earn money, so money is not an excuse. So what I teach is a change of ideas, mindsets and attitudes and when the money comes, you will use it well. There is so much you can do today even with the way the economy is without money, people who sit down and complain for money, even if you give them the money, they will complain it is not enough.

How about those in the rural areas without the benefit of education, how do you help them?

What I tell people is, irrespective of the social status, everybody has to have a dream; desire it, you need to see yourself higher and better than where you are standing. .need to desire to achieve it and God then brings opportunity and people to help you achieve those dreams.

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