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 October 14, 2015 - 9:55 AM EDT
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NEOS Launches New Seismic Data Processing Offering

Frequency Enhancement Technique Increases Resolution, Utility of Seismic Images

NEOS Inc. today announced the launch of a new seismic data processing offering that significantly improves the recovery of high and low frequency acoustic signal. The result is an improvement in the vertical resolution of seismic images and an increase in the quality and utility of the seismic data geoscientists use for attribute extraction, inversions, and rock and fluid property determination.

Jim Hollis, President and CEO of NEOS, commented, “I am excited by this innovation from our Seismic Imaging Group (SIG), which we acquired only two months ago. This frequency enhancement technique will be of great value to oil & gas company geoscientists in almost every onshore and near-shore geologic setting. However, the greatest uplift will be realized by interpreters working in thin, stacked-pay reservoirs like we find in the Permian Basin or those trying to image and determine rock properties in stratigraphic plays.”

NEOS is commercializing this technique under the trade name, SOFE™ - an acronym for Structurally Oriented Frequency Enhancement. Unlike other frequency enhancement techniques, SOFE does not make extrapolations and projections beyond the limits of the source frequencies actually introduced into the subsurface.

According to Dr. Edward Jenner, Research Director at SIG, “SOFE works by applying a frequency-dependent filtering technique that uses the mid-range spectrum, in which we have the highest signal-to-noise, to guide the filtering and attenuation of noise in the low- and high-range frequency spectra, in which we have the lowest signal-to-noise. The technique typically results in a significant increase in useable bandwidth of 30-50 Hz at the high end of the spectrum, thus significantly increasing the resolution of the resulting seismic images.”

To learn more about SOFE and to view the image quality improvement it makes possible, click here to visit the NEOS Sweet Spots blog or request an invitation to the Lunch & Learn that Dr. Jenner will be hosting next Tuesday October 20 at the 85th Annual Meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) by sending an email to

About NEOS

NEOS helps governments, energy ministries and exploration teams in the natural resources industries make faster, more informed decisions about where to explore, lease and drill. In partnership with its clients, NEOS acquires and simultaneously interprets multiple geological, seismic, non-seismic and geochemical datasets to identify valuable resources in the subsurface, including hydrocarbons, minerals and groundwater. For more information, visit

About the NEOS Seismic Imaging Group

NEOS added seismic imaging to its multi-physics toolkit in August 2015. The Seismic Imaging Group (SIG) is a leading provider of high-end seismic data processing and imaging services and is recognized for having pioneered many key advancements in seismic imaging for the oil & gas industry, including: anisotropic and azimuthal processing, onshore pre-stack depth migration, fracture characterization and, most recently, frequency enhancement via SOFE™. SIG is a leader in seismic imaging for unconventional source rock reservoirs, in hard-rock clastic and carbonate environments, and in challenging imaging applications including sub-salt, fold- and thrust-belts, stratigraphic plays, and thin, stacked-pay reservoirs.

Contact for Additional Information
NEOS Corporate Marketing
Kelly Kline, +1 713-425-0509

Source: Business Wire (October 14, 2015 - 9:55 AM EDT)

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