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Story by The Canadian Press

Oil and gas companies are spending less at this year’s Calgary Stampede, which kicks off Friday.

Corporate sales are down 10 per cent and other businesses that usually see increased sales are also hurting.

David Howard runs the Event Group and he says last year he was producing two events a day but this year he’s not putting on any events.

But a spokeswoman for the Stampede says public interest in the 10-day event is actually up.

Jennifer Booth says ticket sales have nudged up two to three per cent for both local and international visitors.

She says the low Canadian dollar is causing more Albertans to stay home and is attracting more foreign visitors.

Some companies outside of oil and gas are also helping to fill some of the void in corporate spending.

Bar owner Paul Vickers says the manufacturing and tech sectors have stepped in to host more events this year.

And other companies are doing their best to remember better times.

FirstEnergy Capital’s slogan for its charity event is “Party Like It’s 2014.”