Anticosti Hydrocarbons L.P.: Stratigraphic Survey Program Resumes on Anticosti Island

(TSX VENTURE:PEA)(TSX:CDH)(EPA:MAU)(EPA:MPI) : Anticosti Hydrocarbons L.P. is pleased to announce that the stratigraphic survey program has resumed on Anticosti Island. At the time work was suspended last November, five stratigraphic surveys had been completed and the surface casing had been installed on four additional sites. Since drilling rigs were kept on the island during winter, work on the remaining survey operations has been able to resume quickly.

The completion of this first phase will help prepare the second phase planned for summer 2016, which is expected to proceed after obtaining all necessary permits. The results of these stratigraphic surveys will allow a better understanding and a geological characterization of the Macasty Formation, and will also help determine the best drilling sites for the three wells anticipated to be drilled and fracture stimulated in the second phase.

Anticosti Hydrocarbons L.P. will work along with regulatory authorities to ensure its operations are conducted safely and with respect for the community and environment by employing the highest industry standards. In addition to creating approximately 90 jobs, this work is being planned with the intent of maximizing the economic benefits for the Anticosti Island community.

About Anticosti Hydrocarbons L.P.

Anticosti Hydrocarbons L.P. is a partnership owned by Ressources Québec Inc. (35%), Investissements PEA Inc. (a subsidiary of Pétrolia Inc.) (21.67%), St-Aubin E&P (Québec) Inc. (21.67%), and Corridor Resources Inc. (21.67%). The company holds 38 permits for hydrocarbon exploration totaling 6,195 km² on Anticosti Island. The first objective of this partnership will be to demonstrate the commercial viability of hydrocarbon resources on Anticosti Island. The board of directors of Anticosti Hydrocarbons L.P. consists of one representative from each of the partners and one independent director. The company has formed four committees made up of an equal number of representatives from each of the partners. The purpose of these committees is to help ensure the success of the project on the technical, economic, environmental, and social levels. The combined expertise of the organizations that comprise Anticosti Hydrocarbons L.P. will allow it to implement the exploration program, employing the highest industry standards, in full safety and with respect for the environment.

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