April 14, 2016 - 2:53 PM EDT
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Auctions Open to Eliminate Wyoming Landfills

Laramie and Albany first counties up for grabs in renewable energy auction.

LARAMIE and CHEYENNE, Wyo., April 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Renewable energy company Sierra Energy targets Wyoming's most wasteful counties, striving to eliminate the state's landfills through advanced molecular recycling.

FastOx gasification powers homes and fuels cars with trash. Auctions opened Wednesday for the exclusive rights to develop and distribute FastOx gasifiers in Laramie and Albany counties.

Energy and the environment are two of Wyoming's most cherished resources, and the main topic of Governor Mead's action plan, motivating Sierra Energy to focus here first.

"Wyoming could build a 6.5 foot wall around the state from the trash generated by its residents," says Mike G. Hart, CEO of Sierra Energy.

The lion's share of Wyoming's trash comes from its two most populated regions, Laramie and Albany counties. "If we take the waste generated in Wyoming and instead convert it to renewable energy, FastOx gasifiers could power all of the homes in Cheyenne," Hart continues.

Landfills carry a heavy environmental and personal health toll. Consider your typical garbage truck, carrying about seven tons of trash. Every ton of trash can emit twice as many tons of climate-warming greenhouse gases into our air. Methane, the most dangerous of these gases, is 84 times more climate-polluting than carbon dioxide.

As trash bakes and breaks down in the sun, leachate—a toxic goo—seeps down into the ground, contaminating local water sources. FastOx gasification offers a cleaner and sustainable solution to managing Wyoming's waste.

FastOx gasification is a prime example of innovations in technology and science merging to address age-old problems in new and effective ways.

The molecular reaction between carbon in waste and oxygen injected by FastOx gasifiers breaks down waste into an energy-dense fuel, without burning. This versatile product can then be used to power homes and fuel cars. By recycling at the molecular level, nothing goes to waste.

"We want to empower local communities and businesses to take control of their waste in a way that benefits our towns and respects our planet," says Hart. "We have already spoken to hundreds of people internationally, but first we want to bring FastOx gasification to all 50 states, starting with Wyoming."

Licensing auctions are now open in Laramie and Albany counties for a limited time on licensing platform Techpipe.com.

Sierra Energy is a waste gasification and renewable energy company commercializing FastOx gasification. Powering homes and fueling cars with trash, FastOx gasification aims to eliminate landfills. Building its first commercial system with the U.S. Army, Sierra Energy provides a robust and scalable solution for managing and diverting waste.

Techpipe helps clean technologies reach commercialization by hosting geographic auctions for the exclusive rights to develop and distribute emerging, clean technologies.

Video - http://youtu.be/-kqh8y5jAZg


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Source: PR Newswire (April 14, 2016 - 2:53 PM EDT)

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