​BetaZi - ​BetaZi creates state-of-the-art production forecasting solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry using physics-based predictive analytics.


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BrandAMP: BasinAlpha™ The future of production forecasting
Powered by BetaZi™ production forecast technology and TGS™ data, BasinAlpha™ is a physics-based predictive analytics solution that provides unbiased, accurate,[...]

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​BetaZi is a bridge product, fully egalitarian with regard to the source of data input or output. This flexibility was designed into BetaZi to facilitate integration with existing software applications in which companies are already heavily invested and with which they are familiar. BetaZi is able to integrate right away with almost any set of products a customer is currently using for data storage or analysis, providing a level of forecasting accuracy that would be impossible otherwise. 


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