Basin Alpha Basin Study Map

Powered by BetaZi™ production forecast technology and TGS™ data, BasinAlpha™ is a physics-based predictive analytics solution that provides unbiased, accurate, automatic production forecasts with calibrated uncertainty in a user-friendly bundle.  This series of pre-computed, comprehensive studies includes BetaZi’s probabilistic well forecasts and TGS’ high-quality data for every well in a basin.  BasinAlpha™ allows for instant evaluation of basin-wide production data to provide deep knowledge and actionable insights for informed and strategic decision-making.

Key Features

  • p10-p90 spread (uncertainty profile)
  • Clickable, interactive maps
  • 30 - year EUR
  • Formation type curves
  • PUD single well economics
  • 1st-pass economics
  • Clean and complete data
  • Export capabilities

​Strategic Advantage

  • Fast: 100-1000 times faster than every reservoir engineer in the world combined
  • Accurate: Equivalent to one million perfectly accurate sensitivities per well
  • Proven: Back testing/history matching and vetted results from major global clients
  • ​Informative: Technology is ahead of industry standard by many years

BetaZi has developed the world’s most disruptive oil and gas production forecasting and type curve analysis technology

​Based on 21st century advances in computer science. Its groundbreaking, physics-based algorithm uses artificial intelligence and statistical methods to generate and synthesize forecasts to produce not just accurate but testable and repeatable reserves estimates and asset valuations.

  • The BetaZi model generates 1,000,000 forecasts for each well in 30 seconds and can accurately evaluate an entire basin or play in minutes, or the entire U.S. in less than a week
  • Completely new method of decline curve analysis and asset evaluation
  • 100% automatic, with no manual manipulation and no bias.

TGS is excited to partner with BetaZi to bring this technology to market with BasinAlpha™ ​​​.​

BasinAlpha™ Technology

Basin Alpha™ Technology

BetaZi is a bridge product, fully egalitarian with regard to the source of data input or output. This flexibility was designed into BetaZi to facilitate integration with existing software applications in which companies are already heavily invested and with which they are familiar. BetaZi is able to integrate right away with almost any set of products a customer is currently using for data storage or analysis, providing a level of forecasting accuracy that would be impossible otherwise.
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