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Carnot Compression Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a Reg CF offering on StartEngine.  Proceeds from the offering will be used to continue developing Carnot’s proprietary isothermal compression technology.

Carnot Compression Inc. announces the launch of a reg CF raise on StartEngine- oil and gas 360


About Carnot’s Patented Technology

The revolutionary CarnotTM Compressor uses centrifugal waterfalls to entrain and compress gas. It is designed to operate as a true 100% duty cycle isothermal compressor. The compressor has no oil, and just one moving part, in the compression process. With a low internal operating temperature and only one moving part, maintenance is minimal.  The high heat, stress, and friction from the multiple moving parts of conventional compressors is eliminated.  The compressor air-end is designed for a very long operating life, eliminating the need for costly overhauls seen in incumbent oil-free compressors.

Carnot Compression Inc. Announces the Launch of a Reg CF Raise on StartEngine - oilandgas360


About Carnot Compression Inc.

Carnot Compression Inc. is a Delaware Corporation with offices in Scotts Valley, CA and Reno, NV.  Since 2014, Carnot has progressively developed its proprietary gas compression technology from desktop proof of concept to a fully-integrated pre-commercial prototype that is currently in the test phase. Grant funding from the National Science Foundation and California Energy Commission has been instrumental in advancing the technology towards commercialization.  Carnot’s first product applications are targeted initially for small-scale oil-free compressed air, such as instrument air in the biotech and automotive painting industries.  The Company has a roadmap to achieving significant efficiency improvements across a variety of air compression use cases.  The global market for air compressors is projected to exceed $40 billion by 2025.

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