November electric power deliveries 2nd highest since EIA began tracking them

In its Natural Gas Monthly released today, the EIA outlined U.S. natural gas production and consumption for November 2016.

Natural gas production increased 2.2% over October 2016 levels, but represented a decrease of 3.1% from production levels for November 2015. Additionally, consumption for November was down to the lowest level since 2011.

EIA’s November NatGas a Mixed Bag


  • In November 2016, for the ninth consecutive month, dry natural gas production decreased year-to-year from the same month in 2015. Preliminary data for dry natural gas production in November 2016 was 2,155 billion cubic feet (Bcf), or 71.8 Bcf/day. This level was a 2.3 Bcf/day (3.1%) decrease from the November 2015 level of 74.1 Bcf/day.
  • Preliminary data for natural gas consumption in November 2016 was 2,162 Bcf, or 72.1 Bcf/day. This level was a decrease of 4.1%, or 3.1 Bcf/day, from the 2,255 Bcf consumed in November 2015. Dry gas consumption was the lowest for November since 2011.
  • Year-over-year total consumption of dry natural gas in November 2016 decreased in two of the four consuming sectors, and it increased in the other two sectors. Deliveries of natural gas by consuming sector in November 2016 were as follows:
    • Residential deliveries in November 2016 were 385 Bcf, or 12.8 Bcf/day, down 5.2% from 13.5 Bcf/day in November 2015. Residential deliveries were the lowest for November since 2009.
    • Commercial deliveries were 284 Bcf, or 9.47 Bcf/day, up 0.35% from 9.43 Bcf/day in November 2015.
    • Industrial deliveries were 646 Bcf, or 21.5 Bcf/day, up 1.1% from 21.3 Bcf/day in November 2015.
    • Electric power deliveries were 663 Bcf, or 22.1 Bcf/day, down 10.0% from 24.6 Bcf/day in November 2015. Despite this decrease, electric power deliveries were still the second highest for November since EIA began tracking them in 2001.


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