Elk Petroleum (ASX: ELK)

Company Overview

Elk Petroleum Limited (ASX: ELK) is an oil and gas producer and developer with assets located in the northern Rocky Mountains. Elk Petroleum is focused on applying enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies to mature oil fields.

Elk Petroleum Presenting at The Oil and Gas Conference

Elk Petroleum Assets; Source: Elk Petroleum

Elk’s current projects use EOR technology that involves injecting CO2 into the reservoir at pressure and temperature conditions where the CO2 and remaining oil become miscible with each other and act as one phase whereby previously immobile remaining oil commences to flow again.


  • Q1-2018 Revenue: $27 million
  • Q1-2018 Production: 972 MBOE
  • Total Common Stock Outstanding: 855 million
  • Enterprise Value: $298 million
  • Total Debt: $225 million
  • 1P Reserves: 47.5 MMBOE
  • Operating Margin: +13.20%

Management Team

Bradley Lingo – Managing Director, CEO

Alexander Hunter – CFO, Australia

David Evans – COO, Australia

David Franks – Joint Company Secretary

Andrew Bursill – Joint Company Secretary

Brian Dolan – COO, Denver

The Oil and Gas Conference®

Elk Petroleum is presenting at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference® at the Denver Downtown Westin Hotel, Denver, Colo. Aug. 19-23, 2018. EnerCom expects to have more than 80 presenting oil and gas companies and more than 2000 financial professionals attending this year’s conference.

To learn more about the conference and presenter schedule please visit the conference website here.

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