Core Laboratories (ticker: CLB) provides proprietary and patented Reservoir Description and Production Enhancement services to the global upstream industry.

Core Laboratories develops and acquires technologies that complement its existing products and services, disseminating these technologies throughout a global network. The company’s headquarters is based in Houston, Texas and will celebrate its 82nd year in the industry next month.

Reservoir Description technology

Core Laboratories’ Reservoir Description technologies measure rock properties and the ways that reservoir fluids behave when a reservoir is being produced. For wireline and seismic data estimates to be used effectively in reservoir optimization, the data must be calibrated with precisely measured petrophysical and fluid datasets, such as those provided by Core Laboratories.

The company begins by analyzing samples of reservoir rocks, examining porosity to determine reservoir storage capacity and permeability to define the ability of the rock to permit fluid flow. These basic measurements, together with advanced rock properties analyses, provide detailed input for log calibration, saturation distribution and fluid flow parameters.

EnerCom Dallas 2018 Presenter: Core Laboratories

Core Laboratories Petroleum Services Lab

Production Enhancement technology

Core Laboratories’ data describing the reservoir system are used by engineers, geologists and geophysicists worldwide to enhance hydrocarbon production so that it will exceed the 40% average oilfield recovery factor.

Hydraulic fracturing

The company couples its data on rock types and strength to ensure that proppants are placed as intended in the stimulation design, enabling increased hydrocarbon production. In addition, Core Laboratories’ testing indicates whether the gel slurry is compatible with the reservoir fluids so that the porous rock network is not damaged.

EnerCom Dallas 2018 Presenter: Core Laboratories

Core Laboratories Stim-Lab

Q4 2017 results to be released Jan. 31

Core Laboratories will release earnings after market close on January 31, 2018.  On February 1, 2018, the company will broadcast its quarterly conference call.

EnerCom Dallas conference presenter details

Core Laboratories will be presenting at the EnerCom Dallas investment conference, Feb. 21-22 at the Tower Club in downtown Dallas. Institutional investors, portfolio managers, financial analysts, CIOs and other investment community professionals who invest in the energy space should register now.

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