Grid operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas on Tuesday unveiled plans to address operational improvements, which include purchasing more reserve power and reviewing the need for on-site fuel supplies for some generators.

ERCOT unveils plans to improve Texas power grid reliability- oil and gas 360

Source: Reuters

After a rule change, ERCOT suggests power operators submit a letter signed by their CEOs twice a year certifying their companies have completed their weatherization preparations for the summer and winter seasons.

A persistent extreme heat wave across the United States has strained power grid operators as residents have cranked up air conditioners. This follows a deep freeze in Texas that left millions without power for several days in February.

ERCOT also proposed a new market rule that requires generators to provide operational updates more frequently and perform unannounced testing of generation resources.

Additionally, the grid operator, along with the Public Utility Commission, is initiating a process to address transmission constraints and increase market access for resources in the Rio Grande Valley.

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