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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is rapidly gaining momentum as a key strategy for energy, technology, manufacturing and utility companies to achieve their net-zero carbon emissions goals. On April 7th Rice Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: RICE), a Special Acquisition Company, validated RNG as an investible business model by announced a deal to acquire Aria Energy for $680 million and Archaea Energy for $347 million and combine the two businesses into a new company that would become the nation’s largest producer of zero-carbon renewable natural gas captured from landfills.

RNG is a renewable form of energy produced from the waste streams at dairy farms, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, and other sources. Depending on its source, RNG can be carbon negative. RNG is produced through anaerobic (oxygen-free) digestion where microorganisms break down the organic matter into gas. The resulting biogas contains 40%-60% methane that is captured and refined to remove contaminants and increase its BTU value. The resulting RNG can be used in place of, or combined with, geologic and fossil natural gas (NG) in pipelines, fueling stations, and storage tanks, or as a “drop-in” fuel requiring no engine modifications in NG vehicles. RNG can also be a critical source of Blue Hydrogen.

EnerCom has been working with several clients in the RNG market helping them understand the science, process, economics and opportunities associated with developing RNG projects and marketing environmental attributes of low-carbon and negative-carbon RNG.

Aaron Vandeford and Dan Genovese with EnerCom sat down to discuss key topics in RNG, including methane avoidance, the Federal Renewable Fuels Standard, California Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and the ability for RNG to revive the ability to build new gas pipelines and extend the life of existing pipelines.

Want to learn more about RNG? Investors; traditional oil and gas companies; midstream and pipeline companies; and businesses and institutions looking to purchase negative carbon credits can contact Dan Genovese with EnerCom at [email protected] to learn more about the RNG market place and discuss strategies on how to participate in the low-carbon RNG value chain.

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