The responsibility of corporate management is protecting all stakeholder’s equity. In our “wild and crazy 2020” that is a tall order. Board members and corporate executives must rely on industry leadership and hedging.

I have had the pleasure of seeing the experts at Aegis demonstrate their expertise and ability to protect the stakeholders. Matt Marshal, Market Analytics, Aegis, has been presenting on the Haynes and Boone Energy Tracker series and has covered some gigantic industry issues. Aaron Vandeford, President, EnerCom and Matt cover some of the key data points in this exclusive Energy 360 interview.

Matt, thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing more from Aegis around the expertise required to protect stakeholders.

About Aegis

Matt Marshall

Director, Market Analytics

Matt leads the market analytics and research development efforts for AEGIS. He brings over 20 years of experience in energy markets research, trading, technology deployment, and management consulting.

A holistic approach to energy derivatives management.

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