ESG is a huge part of the energy market from the consumer, and financial, side of the business. The Usibelli coal company is a 4th generation company and is the only coal mine in Alaska. As a private company the ownership of the company has always been very active in ESG and CSR. They are an integral part of their community through donations to over 100 nonprofit and universities.

When Fairbanks ran into air quality issues were well beyond the regulated standards. You would not expect that the problems were caused by the homes being heated by firewood. One would expect it would be fossil fuels used as energy source. Just burning firewood emits large amounts of pollution and was causing health issues for all the Fairbanks citizens.

That is when the Usibelli company bought the Aurora Energy Solutions bio energy manufacturing corporation. Aurora Energy manufactures pellet fuels for burning in homes and businesses. The renewable pellets provide a eco-friendly heat source that has dramatically improved the air quality. We cover the specifics, and the impact to Alaska in our interview,  

On a personal note, my family has always loved our connection to Alaska, and the grizzly on my background was taken on one of my trips visiting family. I must admit that going hunting for grizzly with only a camera is not very smart.

Thank you, Rob, and Chad, for sitting down with Michael and myself for this interview. We had a blast and need to schedule a tour of your facilities.

Our guests

Rob Brown -Aurora Energy Solutions - oilandgas360

Rob Brown


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Chad Shumacher -Aurora Energy Services -oilandgas360

Chad Schumacher

General Manager

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About:  Aurora Energy Solutions

At Aurora Energy Solutions, LLC we take great pride in providing Alaskans with a locally-made, locally-harvested package of high-quality heating options that are efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

 We produce high-quality wood-burning products for residential and commercial customers. Once our firewood kiln is operational, our state-of-the-art technology will produce dry firewood, wood pellets, and compressed logs year-round that burn hotter, longer, and cleaner. Kiln-dried firewood will be seasoned to 20% moisture content or less in approximately 48 hours and our pellets and compressed logs are low-moisture and less ash content as well.

Alaskas coal producer Usibelli Mines

Chad Schumacher, general Manager at Auroa Energy Solutions: Joe Usibelli Jr. managing member of Usibelli Investments and Rob Brown president of Aurora Energy Solutions.

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