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Our History

Developed for on and offshore oil & gas service companies that are hampered by inefficient, manual, and often paper-based activity recording, Cleargistix is a digital, configurable platform that provides process control to the central office, allows for the efficient capture of field and vessel activities, and provides real-time revenue, personnel, and other information. Cleargistix increases return on investment and asset productivity by reducing revenue leakage, shortening the activity-to-cash cycle, and decreasing or eliminating the many costs associated with paper, spreadsheets, and other outdated processes.

In 2011, NecesSea emerged as thought leaders in the offshore industry. The company has since discovered overlapping challenges between offshore, inland and onshore. In an effort to resonate with the challenges facing customers across both industries, NecesSea re-branded to Cleargistix in 2015. There is now a clear choice for a logistics and digital billing solution. It’s even right there in the name – Cleargistix.



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