When 2020 is behind us, we will all cheer! It is also exciting to see how Data Gumbo has grown it's world wide client base, increased it's management team, and is developing something every energy company will need to meet strict ESG requirements. 

Andrew Bruce, CEO and Founder, of Data Gumbo stopped by to give us the update on Data Gumbo's great numbers from 2020. The "GumboNet" Blockchain technology delivers a secure, trusted, and real time source of transactional data. "A Bridge to Transactional Certainty"

This is implemented in logistics, accounts receivable, oil field operations and just about anything that can impact the bottom line. Our discussion was going along great, and then Andrew dropped an exclusive bombshell on us! They are coming out with a full ESG program next year! 

We know that ESG is tied to capital in the energy markets, and companies are going to be required to prove that they have met their stated goals and objectives in meeting environmental impact reductions. With the GumboNet they can track, document, improve their entire production cycle with real time data. All stakeholders will love the management teams that add accountability to energy companies' ESG and sustainability plans. This is HUGE!!

This interview is a must watch for anyone in the energy market that wants to know how companies will be able to document their actual ESG performance.   Check out their webinar below our video interview, and ask Bruce how their ESG plans can save your company in this world of ESG requirements.

Thank you Andrew for stopping by, I had a blast! - Stu. 

Data Gumbo Wraps Momentous Year of Growth Powering Transactional Certainty for Commercial Relationships

Andrew Bruce - Data Gumbo - Founder and CEO - oilandgas360

Andrew Bruce

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Bruce is the founder and CEO of Data Gumbo, a company he founded in 2016 after spotting an opportunity to eliminate a sizable cost inefficiency between an oil supermajor and one of its suppliers. Data Gumbo provides GumboNet™, the trusted transactional network that automates smart contracts and transactions for industry leaders.

Prior to Data Gumbo, Andrew was the COO for MHWirth, an oil & gas drilling equipment OEM where he supervised global operations. Previous to this position, Andrew was VP of Controls at NOV. During his tenure at NOV, he founded the NOVOS product, a first-of-its-kind semi-autonomous drilling system, which Andrew holds a joint patent for on rig automation. With years of experience as an IT consultant and serial entrepreneur, Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is currently a member of IADC and SPE.

Data Gumbo - About -Us - oilandgas360

Over the last 20 years, global enterprises have invested billions of dollars implementing systems to capture transactions and drive processes to support business needs.

About Data Gumbo

Data Gumbo was founded by serial entrepreneur and energy industry executive Andrew Bruce in 2016. The company started out as a data platform that connected to collected and standardized operational data to enable machine learning, AI and condition-based maintenance systems. The company transitioned to utilizing blockchain after spotting an opportunity to eliminate a sizable cost inefficiency between an oil supermajor and one of its suppliers. 

After initial attempts to connect its data platform with existing blockchain technology, it became clear that Data Gumbo needed to create a purpose-built blockchain to meet the needs of heavy industry. In 2017, Data Gumbo’s engineers set out to build a complete solution that unifies operational source data together with an industrial-grade blockchain solution. The result is GumboNet, a massively interconnected industrial blockchain network that delivers transactional certainty to business relationships. 

Today, Data Gumbo is an award-winning software company with successful customers around the world. Led by a growing, passionate team focused on serving the industrial markets of oil & gas, construction, mining, and manufacturing, the company currently has offices in Houston, Texas and in Stavanger, Norway to serve the markets of Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Check out the Data Gumbo Webinar, and ask what is coming around the corner on ESG.

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