Is your reservoir full?

Mark McClure, CEO, Resfrac stopped by to visit with us about the unique modeling in a three-dimensional simulator for reservoir simulations. In this market, every dollar counts in your limited capital budgets. Dan Genovese, Director Consulting Services, EnerCom, was able to cover the collaboration, transparency and the realism in the fluid flow and Proppant transport.

Thanks Mark and Dan for stopping by, we had fun!

About ResFrac

ResFrac’s unique modeling capability and expertise provide industry-leading insight into the development of shale resources.

ResFrac software is the only commercial three-dimensional, fully compositional simulator to seamlessly couple hydraulic fracturing, wellbore, geomechanical, and reservoir simulation. A single simulation captures the life cycle of an unconventional well or pad: hydraulic fracturing, shut-in, closure, production, and any subsequent child fracturing or refracturing.


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