ExxonMobil today issued the following statement in response to the verdict from the Supreme Court of the State of New York:

ExxonMobil Responds to Verdict in Suit by New York Attorney General - oilandgas360

RasGas Train 6 began liquified natural gas (LNG) production in 2009 and was joined by RasGas Train 7 in early 2010. ExxonMobil has an interest in all of Qatar’s operating LNG trains, which have a total capacity of over 60 million tonnes per year.

“Today’s ruling affirms the position ExxonMobil has held throughout the New York Attorney General’s baseless investigation. We provided our investors with accurate information on the risks of climate change. The court agreed that the Attorney General failed to make a case, even with the extremely low threshold of the Martin Act in its favor.

“Lawsuits that waste millions of dollars of taxpayer money do nothing to advance meaningful actions that reduce the risks of climate change. ExxonMobil will continue to invest in researching breakthrough technologies to reduce emissions while meeting society’s growing demand for energy.”

In his ruling, New York Justice Barry Ostrager wrote, “What the evidence at trial revealed is that ExxonMobil executives and employees were uniformly committed to rigorously discharging their duties in the most comprehensive and meticulous manner possible….The testimony of these witnesses demonstrated that ExxonMobil has a culture of disciplined analysis, planning, accounting, and reporting.”

To read the full ruling, click HERE.

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