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GeoPark presents at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference®

 During GeoPark’s breakout session, management was asked the following questions:

  • What is the expectation for Brazil to open up their onshore assets?
  • Have core samples been extracted from your Llanos 34 block?
  • Are you interested in selling any of your assets or engaging with partners on the asset level?
  • How difficult is it for companies to operate in Argentina from a logistical and personnel standpoint?
  • What is the heaviest oil you produce?
  • How are you transporting the oil out of the Llanos field? Which pipelines are you using?
  • Are you selling your crude oil and gas into international markets or just to local markets?
  • What kind of obligations do Latin American companies have when developing oil and gas assets?
  • How are gas prices priced in different countries in South America?
  • What percentage of production comes from Colombia?
  • What are the effects of geopolitics in the region? Is guerilla activity a problem? What is the risk of oil field nationalization in Colombia?
  • Has the process of moving earnings out of Argentina eased and do you see trends continuing?
  • Can you describe current problems with the unions in Argentina?
  • Do you anticipate drilling another well in the Jacana field before the end of the year?

You can listen to GeoPark’s presentation by clicking here

For the company’s second quarter results, click here.

GeoPark is a Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator and consolidator with oil and gas assets and growth platforms in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Peru. The company is based in Santiago, Chile.

In the second quarter of 2016, the company produced 21,143 boepd, an 8% increase from the previous quarter. Production for 2016 is estimated at 21,500 to 22,500 boepd.

Due to strengthening oil prices and cost efficiency improvements, the company’s 2016 Work Program and Investment Plan increased 60% to $40-50 million. This has allowed six new wells to be drilled in Colombia and for shut-in, marginal fields to be reopened.

In Colombia, the company had successful drilling results and grew its reserves. In the Llanos 34 block of the Jacana Oil Field, two wells were successfully drilled to extend the Western limits of the field. In 2H 2016, five additional wells are planned to be drilling in the block. Operating costs were down 38% in the second quarter, with consolidated operating costs of $6.20 per boe.

In Peru, the company’s Morona Block agreement with Petroperu on a block within the discovered Situche Central light oil field has been extended until March 2017 to obtain regulatory permits.


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