Gulfslope Energy presents at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference®

Gulfslope Energy (ticker: GSPE) is an independent oil and natural gas company focused on exploring offshore U.S. Gulf of Mexico.By integrating extensive 3D seismic and geological databases, Gulfslope identifies leasing opportunities with compelling characteristics in terms of size, geological attributes and potential for economic returns.

Q2 highlights

  • In August 2018 Gulfslope commenced drilling of the Canoe Prospect No.1 well located in the Vermilion Area, South Addition Block 378 with the Rowan Ralph Coffman jack-up rig.

Breakout session at the EnerCom conference

During Gulfslope Energy’s breakout session at the 2018 EnerCom conference, management was asked the following questions:

  • You mentioned going from a 600 ft well to 10,000 ft of salt – is there challenge in the personnel involved?
  • Can you talk a bit about the shallow hazard surveys? Have you considered the processes involved?
  • For the deal with Delek, does that end? Is the 20% part of the company preset?
  • Are prices fixed or are there options to change them?
  • In 36 months, they can take the production – will you drill all 9 wells at that time?
  • For the remainder of the year, how much money do you expect to raise?
  • Is the 2-well option mutual?
  • With regard to the decommissioning guarantees you’ll put up, what do those look like?
  • From time to discovery, that’s when you see the most action, right?
  • When do you think the value shows up in the stock? Do you have to wait until cash flow?
  • What are stocks primarily driven by?
  • How much of the money going in is comprised of insiders?
  • What time did you become public?
  • When did your group come in?
  • Processes for the new wells – will that be doable in the time frame you were looking into?

You can listen to Gulfslope Energy’s presentation here

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