The industry has moved to a more optimistic perspective in the last year, and one of the challenges moving forward will be finding the talent to insure the industry evolves, Preng & Associates President David Preng told Angie Austin at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference 21.

“Last year, everyone was wondering, what’s going to happen and how long is this going to last? Here, I think what you’re seeing are companies that have finally rationalized where they are. They’ve looked at their balance sheets, their operations, they’re squeezing costs and living within cash flow. I think you’re seeing an optimism here, we are still in turbulent times, people realize that, but I think you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, except for a few not hearing the freight train whistle,” said Preng, commenting on the evolution of the industry in the past year.

“I think going forward, for the next three to five years, given the demographics in the industry, what’s going to be important is really understanding where is the talent? Who graduated in the 90’s, late 80’s, early 2000’s, where are they today, where are they in their careers, and can we make the right fit for a client to satisfy their needs? It’s going to be even more intense over the next three to five years.”

For more of David Preng’s unique perspective on the oil and gas industry, watch the video below.

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