Publisher’s Note: Ubiterra was a presenter at The Oil & Gas Conference 25th Anniversary  in August, click on the link at the bottom to hear more from Ubiterra CEO Peter Flanagan.

Live Shared Projects™ is Latest ZoneVu® Cloud-based Geosteering Advance 

Advances Workflow Collaboration for Operations Geologists and Geosteering Contractors

Denver, CO – September 30, 2020 – Ubiterra today unveiled at the 2020 AAPG ACE Conference its new “Live Shared Projects” feature for its real-time drilling visualization and geosteering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ZoneVu application.

Live Shared Projects™ is Latest ZoneVu® cloud-based geosteering advance  - oil and gas 360

“We noticed a lot of workflow inefficiencies between asset teams and their geosteering contractors, and even between asset teams and internal observers.  ZoneVu Live Shared Projects addresses this problem,” said Ubiterra CEO Peter Flanagan.

Live Shared Projects allows a producer, having set up a drilling project in their ZoneVu account, to share it to their contractor’s ZoneVu account.  Having done so, geologists can observe and participate in each other’s ongoing geosteering interpretations.  Alternatively, the contractor can share their project to their client.

Flanagan continued, “In working with geosteerers we had previously noticed the amount of time wasted by geologists in manually processing emails from the LWD hand on the rig – we eliminated that with ZoneVu’s RigStream™ real-time rig data capture feature.  Next, we noticed the amount of time wasted in duplicate data loading and in reporting workflows – Live Shared Projects fixes this issue.  Our application of cloud technology to these areas frees E&P professionals to focus their time on higher value tasks.”

Having shared a drilling project in ZoneVu with this new feature, geologists with the producer and contractor can observe each other’s ongoing interpretations in real-time – even as a live backdrop to their own interpretation, or steer the same interpretation together.  This reduces the need for emailed reports and reduces errors since all parties involved are interpreting against the same data and are watching each other work.  It also brings the benefit of real-time data flow from the rig to all parties involved in geosteering and who are watching the well.

“Part of our mission is to leverage the rapidly advancing power of the latest cloud technology to allow geoscientists to provide timely advice to the drilling team, even at the highest drilling rates of penetration. ZoneVu’s new features — first RigStream, and now, Live Shared Projects — are important advances toward that goal,” Flanagan added.

Flanagan concluded, “There was already a strong trend towards geosteering from the office, rather than at the rig site.  Now, geoscientists are often working out of the office.  ZoneVu, with its new Live Shared Projects feature, is a perfect fit for today’s workflow environment since it allows teams of geoscientists to geosteer together from any location in real time with just a web browser.”

About Ubiterra Corporation – Ubiterra Corporation, founded in 2012, is a group of E&P professionals and programmers innovating cloud software for the resource play revolution.  Ubiterra’s flagship product, ZoneVu, is a real-time cloud application for drilling visualization and geosteering used by energy company asset teams to drill more productive horizontal wells.  Ubiterra Corporation is based in Denver, Colorado, USA and is at

About the AAPG ACE Conference – The AAPG ( is the American Association of Petroleum Geologists with over 40,000 geoscientists members in 129 countries, and ACE is the AAPG annual exhibition and conference.

Ubiterra participated in The Oil & Gas Conference this year and click  this  logo  for  the  presentation.  Live Shared Projects™ is Latest ZoneVu® cloud-based geosteering advance  - oil and gas 360

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